About Me


Hey all, my name’s Conor and I’m an American expat living in Thailand.

I’ve never been a barista but I do a lot of writing and because of that I’ve spent more time in coffee shops than I ever thought possible.

Here’s a picture of me in Bali at Mt. Batur:

I’ve also done a lot of travelling and coffee shops have always been both a great place to relax and talk with friends as well as a place to find some quiet time and reflect.

And, of course, to enjoy a hot and revitalizing drink.

Over time this has led me to become both more and more fascinated with coffee and to become more curious about what exactly goes into brewing the perfect cup.

I’ve created this website to be a kind of journal on my experiences and experiments with coffee to both document my newest favorite hobby and to help other people who are also trying to learn more about how to brew the perfect cup.

If you see anything you think is interesting or if you have any questions don’t be afraid to get in touch through the contact page below.


Conor Flynn


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